X Factor Australia Live Show 4

October 10, 2011 by  

This was 90′s night and I still can’t work out where they get all the songs from!

Anyway thought Mitchell Callaway sang really well tonight, really liked his voice.   Andrew Wishart, as ever, was fab singing Nothing Compares To You. So disappointed with the song choice for Declan Sykes, what is Guy doing with him?  There are so many songs that would suit his voice.  After show 1 which was brilliant I’ve tuned in every week and nothing has quite matched that first week.

Reece sounded same as ever although I didn’t like the arrangement, agreed with the comments about it being a bit all over the place.  Christina Parie was good although wasn’t familiar with the song Zombie. Thought Three Wishez did well, they are getting it together but YMS lacked something with the Michael Jackson song black or white.

Couldn’t find a video of Audio Vixen so will have to come back to them later. Update, found Audio Vixen and thought they sang really well.  Bit shocked they got sent home  instead of Johhnny Ruffo who I think had the weaker voice out of the two acts in the bottom two.

Mitchell Callaway singing Everybody Hurts

Andrew Wishart singing Nothing Compares To You


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