X Factor – Australia v Britain

September 27, 2012 by  

After catching up on both shows (they are running simultaneously across continents at the moment) I have to say that Australia is winning with both the contestants and judges.

Although Britain hasn’t shown any of it’s live shows yet the final 24 they have chosen to go to judges houses already disappoint.  There are of course some exceptions especially with the fantastic Ella but it seems strange that they have left some extremely talented people behind.

Even Gary Barlow,  with his initial passion to change the show and concentrate on ‘talent’, can’t be happy with the choices made.  We all know X Factor (especially in Britain) is fixed and you can either live with it or leave it but it really spoils the viewing.

The only criticism of X Factor Australia at the moment is the choice of songs that Nat has given her group.  Apart from that the two live shows have been pretty good and they have an amazing group in The Collective.

HOT NEWS  Louis Walsh has taken a 7th band to judges house.  Check it out here.


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