X Factor Live Show 1 – Predictable

October 8, 2012 by  

Back to ‘same old, same old’.  After watching the first show on Saturday there were clearly some fabulous singers – Ella Henderson and Melanie Masson spring immediately to mind.

Not even the groups held any interest especially when you see the groups on Australia X Factor – wow!  I purposely didn’t watch the Sunday show – to my mind it’s just a long drawn out non event and we just want to know who’s leaving.

It wasn’t a surprise that Rylan and Carolynne were in the bottom two.   Carolynne’s voice is good and she shouldn’t have been there but the sad fact is people don’t always vote for the women singers.  Rylan is not a singer but X Factor always have to put in a bit of controversy to try and keep the ratings up but it just undermines a whole lot of brilliant singers who never got the chance to be on that stage.

Carolynne definitely should not have been going home and it’s easy to understand Gary’s frustration – but this is the X Factor and with it comes predictability.  Even Dermot looked bored on Saturday!


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