X Factor – Live Show 2 – Jamie Rocks!

October 18, 2009 by  

xfactor1Is there no end to Jamie Archer’s talents?  What a fantastic performance tonight and great choice of song from Christina Aguilera called Hurt (if you want a good cry listen to the full Christina version on You Tube here).   What a great piece this would be in the finals, Jamie Archie and Christina Aguilera singing this song.  Nothing could beat that for a powerful combination!

What I really love is the fact that Simon Cowell has not tried to change him.  He already has a trademark look – t-shirt, jeans, scarf and of course the hair and it’s great to see that hasn’t altered it.

Tonight, without any backing dancers or big music and just a spotlight on Jamie, he captured the audience.  He showed tonight he is capable of anything and in my opinion he was the best act tonight. The melody in the song was lovely.

Again, I can’t stop watching the video of him performing this song, which in itself is beautiful. He is so captivating which is what you want from a performer.  Listen to the music without watching him, it’s still brilliant.

I think Simon Cowell is really doing his best by Jamie and bringing him on so well and encouraging the best from him.

Joe was also good and Danyl, although giving a good performance, didn’t bring out the emotions like Jamie did.  The song choice wasn’t good and it seems Simon is going for songs with ‘a big note’ for Danyl.  Not showing him a different light.

Lucie and Stacey were great too although Stacey should have had a more well known song too.  I also thought Miss Frank did really well tonight.  Loved their song choice, they could be superb.  Olly was fun to watch.

The weakest acts were John and Edward, Rikki, Lloyd and Rachel.  I like Rachel but she hasn’t been given the right song for her voice yet.

By now you’d think the judges would realise that the wrong song can knock their act out.  People like to hear songs they know.


So Rikki has gone after her was in the last two with Rachel.  It really should have been John and Edward as they clearly can’t sing or perform, but they obviously have some fans out there. So heading into week 3 the following acts are now left.

Simon Cowell

Olly Murs, Jamie Archer and Danyl Johnson

Cheryl Cole

Lloyd Daniels, Joseph McElderry

Louis Walsh

John & Edward,  Miss Frank

Dannii Minogue

Lucie Jones, Rachel Adedeji, Stacey Solomon


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