X Factor – Live Show 4 – Joe and Jamie the Rockers

November 1, 2009 by  

xfactor1Rock week this week saw some great singing.  It’s probably easier to say which acts weren’t the best.

Lloyd, Danyl and John and Edward were in my bottom three this week.

Not sure what happened with Danyl.  Couldn’t tell if it was a bit of an act or he really was that downcast.  His singing was the worst we’ve seen with a lot of flat notes.

Joe was brilliant as usual, he seems to be the most consistent as was Jamie. Also good were Lucie and Stacey.  Still not completely sure of Olly or Rachel

John and Edward must go soon.  They can’t sing or coordinate their dance movements together.  Take away all the other backing dancers and put them on stage on their own and the public would see how rubbish they are.  Yet, Louis takes the mickey out of Jamie who can outsing and perform on his own with nothing else around him.  Get real Louis.

Let’s see how the public vote tonight.

Update:  Vote off between Lloyd and Rachel.  It should have been Lloyd and John and Edward and I’m sorry to see Rachel go over the other two.

Heading into week five the line up is now:

Simon Cowell

Olly Murs, Jamie Archer and Danyl Johnson

Cheryl Cole

Lloyd Daniels, Joseph McElderry

Louis Walsh

John & Edward

Dannii Minogue

Lucie Jones,  Stacey Solomon

Dannii and Simon both have all their acts and Louis once again is losing out.


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