X Factor – Live Show 5 – Movie Week

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xfactor1Movie week should have brought about some fabulous songs.  For goodness sake how many movies have been made and how many hits have come from them.

I’m starting to get fed up with X Factor.  The song choices, the ridiculous comments especially from Louis, who I now feel should no longer be a judge.

Stacey Solomon

Started the show well, singing Son of a Preacher Man and looked great in her slinky outfit.

Olly Murs

A fun and entertaining performance.  Loved the dancing in the middle too.  How Louis Walsh can comment on ‘silly dancing’ when he has Thing 1 and Thing 2 as his performers, who can’t sing let alone dance.  In fact I don’t understand how any of the judges can moan about the dancing. The audience loved him to bits.

Lloyd Daniels

I’m sorry to say Lloyd hasn’t got the strength of voice or personality to take him any further.  He’s only young and hasn’t got the life experiences to put the emotion into the songs.  Stand by Me is a great song and he didn’t do it justice. Shame really as he is a hit with the girls but you can’t have a career on just looks alone.

Lucie Jones

I like Lucie, she has a brilliant voice.  Didn’t like the song choice although she sang it really well.  I do feel as though she’s trying to look too much like other artists ie Avril Lavigne, which is probably not her choice.  She needs her own look now and I’m still not sure what her ‘market’ is.

Danyl Johnson

Purple Rain is an iconic song and not a good choice for Danyl.  I liked the more subtle singing but there are still traces of trying to make the song more than it should be.  A good example of this is Whitney Houston.  Great singer, great songs but in concert she messes about with songs too much.  Simon shouldn’t let him spoil the songs.  His look was good and there’s no doubt he is a great singer.

Jamie Archer

I love Jamie’s style.  He’s a rocker and I love the song Crying.  He sang it really well but, I felt last night he’d lost some of his sparkle.  Maybe that’s because yet again he ended up having to change the song shortly before the show.  It was a better song choice for him than Unchained Melody.  And will someone please get a gag for Louis.  If the song was from a movie even if it isn’t a well known movie what does it matter.  The film is Gummo from 1997.

John and Edward

Just get rid of them off the show.  They can’t sing and they can’t dance.  In fact they can’t do anything without a stage full of props.  They actually ruined Ghostbusters.  Enough said.

Joe McElderry

He has to be one of the most consistent performers.  He is a superb singer,  looks great and can sing anything he’s given.  It’s a shame he’s being labelled with the ‘musical theatre’ label, but he is far and away one of the best in the show.  My only criticism is to try and sing with more pure notes than fluctuating them at the end of the sentences.  He did do this more last night with Circle of Life and it was great.  Love him.

I think something was wrong with Louis Walsh this week, his comments were not constructive, he picked one of the worst bands to be in his group and he sits there picking faults with the other contestants.  I’m also getting fed up with the same sort of comments that the judges use ie authentic – getting boring judges!

Update.  I have officially lost all respect for Simon Cowell.  All the moaning and groaning that’s been reported in the paper about his dislike for John and Edward and, when he has the perfect opportunity to get rid of them off the show he bottles it.  It’s clear what he’s done.  Because of the publicity they generate it must be ringing up the £ signs for him and his company.

The X Factor is about finding the best artist and making that decision tonight, whether he felt Lucy could win or not, shows that it’s not about the acts.  He’s probably just incited people to vote even more for the unmentionable pair.  I won’t be watching the X Factor for the rest of this series, I’ve completely lost interest in it now.  Good luck to those who remain but watch your backs.

Heading into week six the line up will now be:

Simon Cowell

Olly Murs, Jamie Archer and Danyl Johnson

Cheryl Cole

Lloyd Daniels, Joseph McElderry

Louis Walsh

John & Edward

Dannii Minogue

Stacey Solomon

Dannii and Simon both have all their acts and Louis once again is losing out.


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